How good is UBER stock for purchase now?


UBER stock at is the stocks of UBER technologies Incorporation, better known as UBER. It is an American company which providers vehicle for hire, transportation, food delivery and many more purposes. This company has its headquarter in San Francisco. Presently, this company has a market value of near about 86.97 billion USD. And, in the present time, the price of it’s per share is about 49.21 dollars. According to many investors, this stock could be the right choice for investment at present because it can provide a lot of profit.

Some stats you should know about UBER stocks.

The market capital of this stock is very high as compared to the stocks, and also the stock is performing very well in recent times. In the present time, this stock has a share outstanding of 1.76 billion and also has an average volume of 22.75 million. Also, this stock has a 52 week high of near around 50.09 dollars and has a 52 week low of 13.71 dollars. These stats are excellent and indicate that this stock can have a very bright future, and also the price of its share can reach to a great level.

Some recent news about UBER stocks

  • In recent times, this stock has outperformed in the market. This showed the world that what’s the capacity of this stock is and how beneficial it could be if you invest in it.
  • After the news of the potential covid- 19 vaccines come out, the stocks of the UBER has upbeat in the market. This raised the price of this stock to a very high level, which was very much impressive.

Fundamental data of UBER stock

In the present time, an investor needs to study the fundamental data of any stock. The reason is that it provides a lot of information to the Investor about the stock and how it could perform in future and also whether to invest in it could be right or not. So, here are fundamental data which you should study to know about this stock-

  • According to different reports, this stock has a public float of about 925.09 million.
  • In the present time, this stock has a short interest of 58.9 dollars.
  • The percentage of float shorted o this stock is 6.37{64b59ebe5d021e3d1a4c76bb383c4c6e386cbb0b941728e72ac88f445e6fc620}.

In the present time, people are finding a stock in which they can invest and earn some profit. If you are among them, UBER stock could be the right choice for you. All the stats and record says that this stock has a bright future and the price of its share can reach a great height. If you want to buy this stock, you can check the cash flow at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.