Download And Install Kik for Blackberry 10, Z10, Q10

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The best feeling is when you talk with other people around the world. This is all because of social media like Kik messenger. We use the Kik application in Blackberry as well. This version of Kik messenger will help you to use in every Blackberry model.

Most of the people looking for the Best working Kik version for BlackBerry 10, Z10, Q10 and so on. This is what you are looking for. This version is free for all of you and it is the latest version which you can use on your mobile phone.

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Download And Install Kik for Blackberry

If you need some help to install Kik on your Blackberry then you have come to the right page. This installation guide will teach you to step by step how you can install Kik for Blackberry.

Download Kik For Blackberry

Download Kik For Blackberry

1. The first step is to download Kik for Blackberry from that page. Click the orange download button and your download will start directly.

2. After you have downloaded the application you need to unzip the file, you will then have the Blackberry app file. We recommend storing the application on your desktop so you can put it on your Blackberry device easily.

3. Connect your Blackberry device to your computer, and open the application’s map. If you have stored the Kik Messenger app on your desktop you can copy and paste it to the applications folder. Disconnect your Blackberry Device.

4. You can now see the Kik Messenger for Blackberry application on your Blackberry applications screen.

5. Open the Kik for Blackberry application and click on “Create New Account”. Fill in the required fields and you can start using the application directly. If you already have a Kik account you can click on the “Log in” button to sync your contacts.

That’s all done. The method is really simple and easy for every single person. All you going to need this to follow these points to download and install Kik for Blackberry.

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