Free Download Kik For Windows 7,8, 10 – Ultimate Guide

In today’s world, ways to communicate are reinvented every day so that people can connect more quickly and have access to a large amount of information. Therefore, Kik For Windows has been created that allows for group or individual conversations and sharing material of interest among users.

This is the Kik for Windows application, which brings benefits for both mobile phones and PCs and tablets. This innovative method of communication is the most widely used worldwide by millions of people and now it is possible to install it on the computer and enjoy its advantages.

How Kik Windows Version Work?

Kik For Windows 7,8, 10One of the features that make Kik for Windows is gaining popularity, is the ease with which it downloads and starts to connect. In addition, the user can chat, immediately, with several contacts at the same time.

You have the possibility to share videos, audios, photos, and many other details without having to leave the application; that is, it stays connected and sends or receives information without closing the application.

Another important aspect is that the registration is simple, by configuring the user’s name you can be located by other contacts, creating a unique identity and being identified by the image you select.

Preference criteria are also set for talking to the people on the list and rejecting contacts you do not want to talk to. One of the reasons why it attracts many people is because it is possible to play, review interesting news, find other applications and find out about many new features without losing the connection.

The telephone number will remain in good security and will not be made public in any of the chats, preserving your right to privacy. It will not be a requirement to have to share the number to enter the chats unless it is a decision of your own and you prefer to do so.

It also sends notifications with different sounds when the messages are delivered successfully. You can see if the person you are chatting with has any activity. It has the option to chat on video with FaceTime or Skype.

The personalization of Kik codes makes it unique. To add users using the code, click on search, find people and scan a Kik code, which will add the person.

Ultimate Guides:

Method 1: Download Kik for Windows (Bluestacks method)

    • To start downloading Bluestacks, enter the page and start the process. Choose “save file” when it appears on the screen. You must wait a few minutes, according to the speed of your order.
  • When finished, start Bluestacks and enter all the changes that you request. The size of the application is 262 MB, so you must have free space on the hard disk. Next, type “Kik” in the search engine and click on the symbol in Google Play. Click on install and it will be installed.
Kik For Windows With Bluestacks

Search Kik Messenger

Kik For Windows 10

Click My Apps then Kik And Select Install

Kik Windows Login

Login Or Register here

When you start you will have two alternatives, start a session or create an account. If you decide the first one, you will need the user, password or email and press “login”, to solve the Captcha to rule out that you are not a robot. In the second, enter the necessary data press “sign up”, verify the tests and go.

Method 2: Download Kik for Windows (Chrome extension method)

This software created by Google Chrome is simple and has no complications. The first step to enjoy it is to install it. It is very useful to download Kik Messenger and can be used, in case of not wanting another alternative application.

    • First, you have to type “chrome extension for Kik in Google Chrome, giving it to enter. There will appear a list offered by Google, you must select the first one that tops the list.
  • Next, a page will appear in which you must press the “add to Chrome” button. By clicking there, the process of installing the application on the computer will begin. When you finish installing you will be ready to use it and start chatting with friends.

Method 3: Kik For Windows Leapdroid (emulator Method)

This emulator has android features and facilitates installation. It has an aspect that sets it apart from others in its category and is that it offers a much clearer resolution, which greatly benefits the application, providing the user the possibility that the experience with the games is more exciting.

    • First of all, you have to download Leapdroid. When the process is finished and installed, you must enter the Play store. Here your identification will be requested through the entry of the email address.
  • When you enter it, you must locate Kik Messenger on the search site. Download and install the application and you will have finished the process. You have to be patient because its size will require enough time to perform the installation.

Kik Emulator for Windows 7,8, 10

The Kik application for Windows is very versatile for the user since it is possible to stay connected with friends, stay in the chat, navigate within the application and outside it without having to close the application.

With these options, it becomes simpler and more entertaining for the users since they have time to review images, select files and converse with other people, all at once. In addition, it does not require the supply of a telephone number, simply, with the user will be sufficient.

The use of the application is free and unlimited, so it represents a great option on the PC, with the possibility of downloading it for Windows 7, 8, 10 and XP. You can also connect games of excellent sharpness with XePlayer and much more.

Kik For Windows 7,8, 10 in 2019

With technological advances, new alternatives are introduced to make it easier for people to obtain information and stay interconnected with other users and with the outside world. The Kik application was initially created for use in smartphones, but now it has been integrated into the new times and it is possible to download it on the PC.

Since it was designed to be used in mobile phones, when installing it on the computer, the screen should be taken as if it were the cell phone. To achieve download, you should look for an emulator that can be found on any website and install it on the computer for free.

When the download is completed in the emulator of your preference, you must search for the application and generate the installation. Following these simple steps, you can send photos, messages, audios, videos, news and chat with your friends live without restrictions.

With this application, used by millions of people, you will have the ability to browse the web and be connected without having to leave the application. It maintains a surprising speed and is not very heavy, being very easy to handle. Check Kik Apk For Android as well.

The positive aspect is that thanks to technology, the version for Android, Mac, and Windows is already available. The whole procedure is simple and free of charge, so you only have to choose the correct emulator.

Download Kik provides a higher level of security, comfort, and privacy on your PC. Being very similar to other applications such as Viber, Whatsapp or Line offers the possibility of using a keyboard with a larger size than the cell phone and a wider screen to detail the information better.

The great difference of this method compared with others is that it is not necessary to enter a personal telephone number. This will avoid future problems, as this data will not be necessary for registration or access.

The only requirement to download in Windows is to install the emulator you want and, for that, you have several alternatives. From this point, you can download Kik Messenger in a few minutes and enjoy its benefits.