Marketing ideas for Accountants: 10 Simple and Actionable Ways to Market Your Accounting Company How to Market

advertising for accountants

For example, one technique to try would be to build relationships with bloggers, online journalists, and influencers who might talk about your firm positively. Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective types of online advertising because it targets keywords, and you pay only when a potential lead clicks your call to action. On average, PPC ads have a 200% ROI and can increase brand recognition by up to 80%.

  • The expense of hiring a professional marketing firm to oversee your firm’s strategy will be offset by the results; which include more leads, more new clients, and increased profits.
  • We really appreciate your business and we want to thank you again for selecting us for your tax preparation services [adjust this service accordingly].
  • A well-organized, attractive website will tell them what they need to know about your firm.

This is the opposite of traditional advertising methods, often known as outbound marketing, like billboards, direct mail, and TV. These advertising strategies can easily be dismissed, which makes them far less effective than Internet marketing. Inconsistent and wrong business information doesn’t just affect your rankings on SERPs, but you WILL lose several potential customers. Check the status of your business listings and get a scan report now.

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No matter what tactic you choose and where you focus your efforts, it’s vital to craft a watertight marketing strategy and develop a marketing plan. Every single piece of content you put out should speak to your target audience and project your firm’s unique branding. Transforming numbers into success stories on Instagram is an engaging way to engage your target audience and show the world your expertise in accounting services. Share testimonials, case studies or before-and-after scenarios as proof of this impactful partnership while instilling confidence among potential clients who see themselves reflected in it. Showcasing Professional Expertise is key to creating a powerful LinkedIn presence. Take advantage of the “Skills” section to emphasize your accounting expertise by including relevant financial analysis, tax planning or audit skills in the “Skills” list.

Plus, it’s easier to track which strategies generated which results than it is with traditional marketing. Web design is extremely important for marketing your any business online, including CPA firms. Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing allows users to find your CPA firm on their own time – not when your advertisement is forced on them. Most professionals, however, will answer that they want people to get in touch if they’re interested in their services.

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The agency’s income statement and balance sheet are in fact deliverables to be furnished to the advertiser. Better management of costs often turns up unspent funds, which in turn enhances the efficiency of media expenditures. This leaves only the problem of determining the cash balance for a particular client. First, at the beginning of the billing cycle being reviewed, the advertiser obtains the receivable and payable subsidiary ledgers.

  • After measuring your CPA firm’s marketing performance, compile a list of action items for improving your campaigns.
  • Social media marketing refers to the practice of using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market products, services and brands.
  • Marketing accounting firms can be challenging and requires you to engage with prospects.

One way that accounting firms can leverage webinars to their advantage is by tying the webinar to the services they provide. For example, you could offer a free accounting consultation or some free tax advice. When you offer something free, you trigger a cognitive bias called reciprocity, which makes people feel an obligation of gratitude to you. Public relations allows you to elevate your company’s profile with press releases and by building relationships with others in your industry and community. Digital PR takes the same principle, and applies it to your online marketing, allowing you to improve your website rank and gain visibility with your target audience. The content you create must serve potential clients by providing actionable information while also selling your services.

The Role of the Accounting Profession

However, some people I know wrote a book and shipped out free copies to those that they thought would benefit most from their brand and services. To give you a brief summary, 7 tax deductions for business travel expenses professional networking in accounting is all about how you build relationships with others. Firstly, define a specific target market instead of pursuing a broad client base.

advertising for accountants

With the addition of Google Posts, you can even promote website content, offers and events. Learn everything there is to adding your accounting business to Google My Business here. When accountants approach their digital marketing strategy, you’d be amazed at how their whole digital marketing plan is just having a website. Hosting a webinar as an accountant can be a dynamic way to share your expertise, educate your audience, and build thought leadership. Webinars offer a cost-effective way to engage with potential clients and convey value.

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Let B12 set up your professional online presence with everything you need to attract, win, and serve clients. To ensure your email marketing and CPA marketing efforts pay off, you need an engaging online presence. B12 makes it easy to centralize your email marketing with the rest of your online presence. Tracking and optimizing your CPA marketing campaigns play a vital role in the success of your marketing initiatives. Using these tools and techniques can help you measure the performance of your campaigns, allocate your budget more effectively and improve your return on investment.

Blogging can be a powerful way for accountants to demonstrate their expertise, share valuable insights, and connect with potential clients. In a survey of CPA firms last year, content marketing was ranked as the third most effective lead generation tool for accountants, surpassed only by industry organizations and networking. This means that you should definitely be doing it—but it also means that your competitors likely already are. Individuals and businesses need accounting services, but they often turn to the Internet for information on what they can do on their own.


Key to this, however, is to target your advertising to the platforms your prospects are most likely to use, so they will actually see what you have to offer at your accounting firm. The benefit of this technique is that it allows you to get your name in front of the public and build brand recognition without dipping into your marketing budget. When you support the community and get involved in local events, you increase the chances that your firm will be mentioned in the newspaper. While in-person events are often used to attract business, the events of 2020 and 2021 have given new importance to online events.

Video Marketing for Accountants

A powerful lead magnet can help attract potential clients, establish trust, and drive conversions. Digital marketing for accountants comes with many strategies and to-dos. You must manage multiple channels, tasks, and team members, which is impossible if you’re playing all the parts in marketing your accounting firm. Webinars are online classes that offer valuable information to the people in your target audience. Webinars can demonstrate your expertise and authority to the people who attend, increasing the likelihood that they’ll use your services.

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