Massaging the body in this area is guaranteed to make constipation smooth

Constipation or constipation is one of the most troublesome problems for many people. People who have experienced it know how unpleasant it is to squat for long in the toilet, but never be able to defecate. Sometimes it seems as if nothing can be done to “force” the dirt to come out smoothly.

There are many ways you can try to treat constipation, such as using drugs, laxatives, or others. Some natural tips such as eating lots of fiber, certain fruits such as bananas and papayas, and drinking lots of water, usually can only prevent, but are difficult to use if you are already experiencing constipation.

But there are still other simple ways that you have never tried. When already experiencing constipation and squatting for hours in the toilet, you can try this method. Try massaging the body part called the perineum, which is in the part between the anus and sex organs.

Yes, you read that right. Between the sex organs and the anus there is a part of the skin that separates the two. You only need to massage and press the part. Based on research from the Journal of General Internal Medicine, pressing and massaging this section will relieve constipation, as reported by Women’s Health Mag.

Constipation or constipation is one of the common problems and it affects women more than men. Researchers are trying to find other ways to treat constipation apart from using fibrous foods. So far, pregnant women are always asked to massage their perinemun area to prevent tearing during childbirth. Researchers argue that this method can also be done to calm the intestines.

After conducting a study of 100 participants who experienced constipation researchers found that massaging the area can relieve constipation, make stool less hard and help defecate smoothly in most participants. After the study, about 82 percent of people said they would do so when they were constipated.

Now if you are constipated, you don’t have to squat for long in the bathroom. Try massaging the perineal part of your body to make bowel movements smooth

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