PS5 VS Xbox Series X; Will you go Sony or Microsoft on Black Friday 2020?

With Black Friday close at hand, gamers can’t wait to take advantage of the slick deals on offer. But what’s it going to be, PS5 or the new Xbox Series X? Microsoft or Sony? Well, if you’re new to the gaming world, you’re in the right place. I can tell you both brands are like a grime magnet! With video game consoles, streaming services, an online service, and controller, what more can one ask for? Oh! Wait, a comfy couch and you get your weekend flying. Alternatively, with this pandemic’s stay-at-home measures, your kids can now get preoccupied with the new series in check. Microsoft is looking to discontinue the Xbox Live Gold membership plan and they will no longer force you into Ultimate to play online. This means more freebies for your kids. The Rakuten Xbox Live would suit as a convenient retail where you can get cash backs for every purchase you make. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to check out the US-Reviews to see other people’s experiences with the package you aim for.

Technically, each of the brands has its merits and demerits and all we can do is keep discovering more features every time. The ultimate choice depends on your preferences. Such as, are you after the best exclusive games over online service? Or are you after the accessories that make the package? In reality, only your tastes as an individual can determine the right game brand for you. However, to put the objectives forward, the Xbox Series X is way overboard compared to PS5 but that doesn’t mean it is of superior console either.

PS5 has faster SSD speeds of up to 5.5GB/s raw and about 8 to 9 GB/s compressed. To an old-time gamer that is pretty impressive reminiscing of the olden days when games would boot and start playing. Additionally, the DualSense Controller of the PS5 has the ‘next-gen’ feel. With a mic to enhance communication between you and other online players and a ‘Create’ button to capture and share your video content, PS5 is pretty much of a wrap up for me or any other Sony fun. Not to mention, the redesigned UI with a brandy control center just gives a whole new experience for hoary game pros.

Well, not to bash Series X but for a minor comparison, it’s not even a competition with an SSD speed of 4.8GB/s compressed and 2.4GB/s raw. To top it off, Microsoft’s controller lacks the antiquity captured by Sony, and again, Series X fans don’t get to experience PS5’s new UI.

Despite the Series X shortcomings, Microsoft’s top game comes in with a killer App for its Game Pass. Not leaving out the above-mentioned Xbox Live Gold subscription. Xbox Game Pass is superior to PS Now and EA Access. It encompasses an over the top game catalog that updates regularly depending on the user’s activities. Their first-party exclusives have also gone up a notch after securing a batch of development studios. To add to that, Microsoft offers a Smart Delivery deal for customers who upgrade to next-gen versions. Keep in mind, the version of the games you previously had will also be an upgrade at no extra charge. It is arguable that PS5 also offers backward compatibility on current-gen games but this is far from that. Microsoft is simply looking to make gaming a little bit more affordable for its fans. Hopefully, PS5 will join the party in the future.

Let’s talk about prices. Microsoft has recently announced the Xbox All Access package for its fans, considering the current economic global situation posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Joblessness has taken a huge toll on the world leaving Xbox as the ideal gaming brand for any gamer on a budget. Even though Series X’s price is more than PS5’s, this deal will have even a loyal gamer think twice with the All Access offer – more specifically for one who hasn’t sailed the Xbox ship yet. Furthermore, with Black Friday on the table, the deal gets even cheaper. Who’s not to try!

On the other hand, PlayStation’s streaming services are nearly half the price of Xbox’s. PlayStation Now costs as low as $5 a month while Xbox Game Pass is $10 per month. On a year’s subscription plan, it is obvious that PS5 rides on top. Even so, the discrepancies are clear as day. All you have to do is weigh your options and grab your package deal this Black Friday to enjoy the discounts.