How to send video messages on Kik – Ultimate Guide 2019

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KIK is a popular instant messaging app used by 14 million users all over the world. KIK not only allows its users to send plain text messages but also allows them to send images, audios, and video messages through KIK. Most of us are fond of sharing videos which we find funny or interesting. Surprisingly KIK messenger makes it simple for us to share videos with our friends and acquaintances. There are two methods through which you can send videos through KIK messenger, keep on reading further to find out what these methods are!

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Before we move to these methods, let us know what KIK messenger is and what are its features.

Features of Kik Messenger:

KIK Messenger is an instant messaging app used by millions all over the world. KIK has a user base of 12 million users. It has grown exponentially from 1 million users to 12 million users from the year 2010. KIK is regularly updated with new features and updates which make it the top app in the instant messaging apps category on Play Store. KIK messenger was natively developed for Android, iPhone, and Windows phones. If you are a PC user, you can read our article on How to install KIK messenger on PC.

Kik offers some top-notch mind-blowing features which will amaze you. It has features which many of the trending apps do not offer. The app is packed with a variety of features, which make the user experience more convenient. The app is user-friendly and the User-Interface is sleek and elegant.

How to send video messages on KIK?

send video message on kikHere I have given two methods through which you can send video messages on KIK to your friends and acquaintances. Have a look at them and decide which method is suitable for you.

The given two methods are reliable and work for most of the devices.

  1. Video For Kik App: Video for KIK is a third party app which allows a user to send videos on KIK. Using this third-party app, you can easily send video messages to any of your friends and acquaintances on KIK messenger.
  2. In-built Video Sharing Option: This method is easier than the first one. Whenever you are chatting with your friend on KIK, click on the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner of the conversation screen. A menu will pop up with a red tube box and then you can search for your desired video on Youtube and easily send to the people you are chatting with. This method is more reliable if you don’t want to exit KIK messenger.

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Updated: May 6, 2019 — 2:01 am

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