The Unbound Importance ofa Translation Glossary

A certified Romanian translation is incomplete without the linguistic assessment against the tonal and formatting parameters. These components are agency to the firm’s ability to translate. They reflect the linguistic service provider’s expertise and interpretative skills to properly mirror the source document. The copy must maintaina consistent style, tone, and other instructions provided by the client to translate the message.

However, consistency is challenging when a document requires translation in numerous languages. Therefore, a linguistic glossary may assist the translators in amplifying the content to enhance the quality of the paper whileensuring it does not stray away from the original message.

What is a linguistic glossary?

A glossary for translation purposes mentions uniform terms that mimic the source language. Furthermore, it contains definitions of the technical terminologies pre-company approved for consistency in translations. A translator is advised to consult the glossary whenever they encounter complicated or technical documents to aid the process.

In addition, a glossary also ensures the translated terms are accurate, maintaining the original idea of the message. Lastly, the terms will also be used in future translations. It acts as a guide for present and coming translators to translate the phrases correctly. However, only the relevant terms must be used since a glossary is assistive in nature.

What does a glossary in the translation industry include?

Key Terms

A glossary will include the essential words, grammatical conjugations, and phrases found in any language. It will portray a concept for the translation document against the specificity of the subject matter. Furthermore, it will also reflectits culture to perform a certified Romaniantranslation accurately. The translator can browse the glossary or relevant terms applicable to the pending tasks in a gist.


Translation can consult the critical terms against their translation before applying to the document copy. We cannot expect a linguist to memorize the entire vocabulary and its meanings/definitions. Therefore, when a linguist works alongside a glossary, it minimizes misunderstandings. A certified Romanian translation is correctly performed with contextual comprehension. As a result, the clients do not send the documents back to the service provider for revision.

Linguistic preference

As a linguistic provider, you prefer terms to be used in the translations. It ensures consistency and keeps the translators updated with linguistic evolutions. For a translation to be successful, the linguistic and the paying client must have the same idea of how the translation must look. A conflict will complicate the process and thus the intention to use the translation. Therefore, a glossary will help the translators deliver consistently, ensure the cost of the translationdoes not increase and surpasses the client’s expectation.

Exclusions and inclusions

A glossary provides cultural and dialect understanding to help the linguist since words, accents, and conjugations may vary. Specific terms such as names, organizations, or custom phrases cannot be translated. Such complications are added to the glossary to avoid offending the client. A glossary is a perfect tool to guide the translators into categorizing the phrases or words that can and cannot be translated.

Updated terms

A glossary is a breathing and evolving document. It grows and dies. Similarly to you, a translator will not consult a dictionary or a glossary from five years ago. Linguistic glossaries are updated consistently yearly, so the translations stay updated too. The most-latest version will result in the service provider surfacing as competent with linguists honing clear concepts against their translation skills.

Kings of Translation is looking forward to working with you

We cannot stress enough a linguistic glossary is a crucial component in a language provider’s strategy. It acts as a tonal style guide for local and international translations. Kings of Translation facilitates its client through every step with unlimited cooperation. As a result, the translations are physical transformations of your ideas. Contact how we can help in your upcoming project.

By Kronos