Tips on Having a Competitive Advantage in the Clothing Industry

The clothing industry is a mega-industry with millions upon millions of pieces of clothing being manufactured every single day. 

Anyone is free to design and manufacture their own clothes, but it must be ensured that our finished products will be able to stand out from the rest. But then again, we cannot throw in just anything in our designs. We need to be concerned with trends and fashions. 

If you wish for you and your clothing business to truly shine in the market, here are a few tips on having a competitive advantage over the rest you should consider.

Know Your Customers Well

One of the things that you, as a fashion designer, can do with your online clothing store is to know your customers very well

You can compile data on how many customers are from which part of the world, where they come from, when they visit or shop online, and many more.  

All of these pieces of information will help you improve on what you’re selling and give you a competitive advantage in the clothing industry.

Get to Know Your Rivals 

Knowing your rivals is also just as important as knowing your customers. It’s important to know your competitors because without such, you can easily be taken advantage of. 

The clothing industry is a competitive one, and there are numerous ways you can get to know your competitors, from the types of clothes they sell, to their business practices, all the way to who they are as people.

Knowing your competitors isn’t just about how you can keep on their level. It’s also about what can give you a competitive advantage against them in the long run.

Grow Your Retail Business Online 

Once upon a time, brick and mortar retail business was the only kind of business that could reach out to the customers. But now, with the advent of the internet, anyone can easily avail the services of various kinds of web-enabled businesses. Having knowledge on these types of websites will let you know what type would best fit for your business. 

The clothing industry has some very lovely benefits and can become quite profitable if you are running a clothing e-shop or online store. 

It can be a bit scary at first to start an online business, but if you take it slow, eventually you will see the results and your returns on investments. 

Provide Value to Your Customers

One of the best ways on how to have a competitive advantage in the clothing industry is to offer value to your customers. 

When you are able to give some kind of solution, answer, or a sense of confidence, you will be able to have more customers in the long run.

For example, suppose you can provide your customers a great sense of patriotism, even with just a simple graphic tee. In that case, you have more chances of getting more customers because they have become more aware of what they need and feel belonging. 

Avoid using simplistic words that might not appeal to most people, since this is their way of delivering value. You might want to hire consultants who can enlighten you on how you can achieve such competitive advantage.

Offer a Customer Loyalty Perks 

Making your customers feel extra special is also another effective way to have a competitive advantage in the industry. One of the most effective ways to do this is through loyalty programs and gift cards. 

Gift cards are a great way to gain new customers, reward repeat business and build loyalty. Instead of letting the money from gift cards go to waste, many companies offer incentives for using them which also provides an opportunity for some advertising. 

A well-planned gift card and loyalty program can greatly increase your sales volume and profits.


Blending in has never been in style when it comes to the clothing industry. If you want to make a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to know what separates you from the rest of the competition. 

By following the tips, you can close the gap between having a great idea and being a real thriving business in the clothing industry. 

By Kronos