Top 8 business email hosting features

Aside from your site server, you will also want an email hosting provider. You may usually have the same supplier provide both services, which is the preferable option, but you do not have to. Because you already have a business email hosting account, this is a wonderful moment to introduce you to email hosting features that you can make the most of.

In this article, we will talk about the best features of your business email hosting. So, if you want to know more, please keep reading.

1. Size of Mailbox

You might occasionally be able to discover how many email accounts you are permitted to have. At other times, the total amount of space allotted to your email accounts will be visible to you. Since you will need to make sure you have enough capacity for all of your workers, yourself, and the anticipated development you envision in your company’ future, 100 GB is a terrific starting point.

2. Domains with a white label

This simply implies that you may use your own company name as the domain in your email address, depending on your email hosting provider. According to research, clients and potential customers trust email addresses that begin with ‘’ more than generic ones like Gmail or Yahoo. As a result, if your firm is called Better Beers, you may use an email address like “[email protected]”.

3. Harmonisation

Since being online is not “21st century,” your email needs to go with you. The use of mobile devices has surpassed that of desktop computers. You need an email hosting solution that will let you move yet still be reachable. Clients and company won’t wait for you to go back to the office; your email shouldn’t either. Email syncing between devices is a powerful tool for productivity and efficiency.

4. Abbreviations

If you intend to use some of these capabilities, you must first grasp what they are. An email alias is a secondary email account that redirects to a primary email address. Let me provide an example to demonstrate. You may have a ‘[email protected]’ address if you are the CEO, but you may also want one with your name, such as ‘[email protected]’. You may connect the two accounts using aliases, so that anybody who emails the latter, for example, will get it in the former’s inbox.

Of course, some technical work in the background of your email hosting account is required, but your main concern is that you and your staff utilise the least amount of time to get the most work done. Email aliases aid with this, so seek for a package that has an unlimited number of them.

5. Tasks

Tasks are another tool that might help you be more efficient. Shared tasks keep you in the loop even while you’re gone or allow you to retain control of your schedule. Team members may work fluidly and remotely on multi-stakeholder initiatives (a critical consideration these days).

6. Lists of distribution

We cannot emphasise this enough: working efficiently is the key to running a successful business, achieving work-life balance, and fostering team spirit. Another element that will help achieve this aim is distribution lists. You may use distribution lists to construct groups or lists of regularly emailed contacts without having to enter each address individually. Consider how much time you will save.

7. Disclaimers

Sending out confidential information? Do you want to remind recipients to only print when absolutely necessary? Is there a legal requirement that you share with all of your receivers every time you email them? You require a corporate disclaimer, and your email hosting provider is where you can add one. Email disclaimers are statements that you place at the bottom of emails to restrict your liability.

8. Lists of white and black people

In general, email filters are quite good at determining which emails are spam and directing them to the spam folder, and vice versa. There are situations, however, when this is not the case. A whitelist is a list of email addresses that you always want to receive in your inbox, whereas a blacklist is a list of emails that you always want to go to your spam folder.


Here is hoping that you have understood the article. In case of any doubt, please share them with us in the comment section below.

By Kronos