What Are The Fun Activities For Senior Residents?

A senior resident needs to feel that they are still part of a community, especially since they are no longer close to their families. What better way to help them achieve this than to design fun-filled activities for them to take part in and interact with fellow residents. An activities director ensures that there is something for everyone regarding activities designed for an elderly crowd. Most senior living facilities have a wide range of activities that touch on the interests of different residents. It is proven that engaging senior citizens are a good way to rejuvenate their physique and general health.

Which activities are common in a senior living facility?

A vast majority of assisted living facilities have regularly scheduled group exercises conducted by an expert trainer. Apart from enhancing a person’s physical health and balance, group exercises are a good way of getting rid of fatigue, often experienced by the elderly. There are many different types of group exercises: water aerobics, chair exercises, and yoga. These are perfect for people who are suffering from arthritis and other conditions that affect the joints.

The residents found in a senior living facility cannot play sports in their later years. However, most assisted living facilities have found a solution to this, Wii sports, an interactive game console. These devices allow the individual to move their body as if they were playing in real life. So whether it’s basketball, golf, soccer, or any sport they fancy, residents get the opportunity to enjoy themselves while indoors, which also adds to their safety.

Different clubs take part outside and are a perfect solution to avoiding boredom for residents who love the outdoors. Some of these clubs include book clubs, gardening clubs, and outdoor art classes. These are just some of the common activities scheduled to take place outside and engage the elderly with relaxing activities during the day. Suppose a resident is not interested in outdoor activities. In that case, it is up to the activities director to inquire about the interests that the resident has and then incorporate them into the list. Some facilities go beyond their mandate and organize timely excursions or field trips in an exciting location to help the residents change their scenery once in a while.

What are the benefits of engaging in activities in a senior living facility?

The key benefit of a regularly scheduled activities program is to increase the health and balance of the residents. It is proven that constantly engaging the elderly reduces their chances of falling and becoming ill. It also plays a key role in reducing depression for people who are in their golden years and are not as active as before. It is also a good way of maintaining and increasing social networks among the residents, making them feel part of a social group rather than isolated.