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Use Kik messenger to chat with other people around the world. You can download Kik For Desktop, PC And other devices. This is a free app which you can use no download required for this.

Download Kik For Desktop, PC, MAC, Windows

With the launch of the communication platforms or networks, the technological developers managed to present new options, with innovative features and the ability to bring two or more people together through an application.

Currently, the stores that distribute these programs are full of tools that, in their own way, facilitate the conversational flow in the world. After WhatsApp, the instant messaging of Facebook and Instagram, like Telegram is recognized among them by its boom.

However, the communication has provided other applications that, in their own way, gather popularity, especially among the young audience. Kik Messenger, freeware license, is one of them.

Since 2010, this application has served operating systems canons of technology. So, there is Kik for MAC, Android, Blackberry and, as far as computers are concerned, Windows is included in the package.

With KIK, cross-platform messaging is the order of the day. This application emulates the actions of Messenger and Snapchat so that its users can send and receive messages from individuals, be they friends or family and, of course, admit the opening of groups to chat.

The KIK differentiator is the absence of real identification. For example, Facebook Messenger encourages people to use their real name, while WhatsApp does not work without a verifiable telephone number. This application, for its part, only requests mail and password.

Given that the majority audience of KIK corresponds to young people, the application is presented in an attractive and dynamic format. They can find their acquaintances through their username, send messages immediately, connect with them without any hindrance and share photos, videos, and tags, stickers.

With KIK, messages sent and received arrive with unlimited inflow. Likewise, its functions are free and ad-free, highlighting its most important characteristics.

What is Kik Messenger Used For?

Within all the set of applications designed for the communication flow, KIK is a more than acceptable substitute for text messaging -SMS-. With this application, connectivity occurs 24/7 and offers the advantage of using less browsing data.

For people with prepaid plans, this translates as an incredible monthly browsing saving, while for postpaid income users, it means a lower charge on their telephone bills.

This dependence on connectivity is, on the other hand, the weak point of the application, since it must always be linked to a telephony signal or wireless connection. However, with the number of smartphones today, this mishap is often overlooked.

The application finds its ways to take advantage, providing more than relevant reasons for people to decide to give it a try. The format of visual chat, with an important presence of photos, videos, GIFs, and emoticons enter the side of your strengths.

Also, since it was launched, KIK has gained immediate popularity. First managed to gather 4 million users on the Blackberry platform and gradually got an influx of 80 million “kicksters” as they call their users, in the versions of KIK for PC, Android, and iOS. For 2016, according to official data, it had overcome the 300 million gap.

Latest Kik Messenger App Information

ApplicationKik Messenger Apk
App Size2 MB
Total Downloads2,468,811+
Supported VersionPC, Windows, Android, iOS
App Rating4.5/5
Last UpdatedMay 23, 2017

Download Kik for PC

Kik For PCThe application, from its origins, was well influenced by the format and functionality of instant text messaging available for smartphones. With the exception, of course, that the sessions started from user names.

In any case, from the launch date until the current days, many qualities of the application have improved, modified or removed. In total, these are the ones that your consumers can take for granted.

Features of Kik Messenger App For PC

Writing visualization:

Similar to chat bubbles in Messenger or the famous “seen in blue” of WhatsApp, in KIK a person can know when their recipient has read the message. In the same way, the system uses the “writing” notification so that it knows that its message will be answered in a few seconds.

Customized notifications:

When sending KIK messages, the notification of sending and receiving occurs. On the other hand, the application provides personalized alert tones for a particular contact and prioritizes the reception of the texts if contact is “fixed” on the main page of the application.

Invitations to friends:

The applications have the habit of assigning an invitation tab in which their habitual users invite friends or acquaintances to try the tool. KIK, of course, is not the exception.

To send these invitations, the program uses the normal messaging -SMS- and social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It also includes an invitation by email.

In the same way, KIK recognizes the contact numbers filed in the agenda and immediately links those who have installed the application – a function similar to that used by WhatsApp – or, if the person so wishes, issues an invitation.

Conversation Bots:

One of the particularities of this application is anonymity. Seen from different optics, it can be an advantage or disadvantage, but as far as chatbots are concerned, they benefit more than they hurt.

In that sense, people will have the opportunity to access bubbles of conversation about their favorite topics: fashion, technology, music, a hundred, etc.

To this feature also correspond news bulletins and reception of advice of this or another topic. For this, just subscribe to a community in the KIK application.

Scanning of bar codes:

This is one of the safest ways to contact friends in KIK since it guarantees that the other person is really the one you are looking for. To add through a barcode, the user, through the configuration, activates the code that has been assigned to him.

Through the camera of another mobile, the system automatically recognizes the bars and adds it to the friend’s list. Easy, safe and immediate, everything a messaging application should be.


Little by little, the community of online messengers discovered that they could say a lot through graphics. This is how the images, GIFs, and emoticons that now form an integral part of the keyboards emerged.

All these multimedia options are not unrelated to KIK. In fact, in the latest version of KIK for all platforms, the famous stickers that are so popular and communicative – in a hilarious way – have been added for the application.

Video Chat:

Similar to Apple’s FaceTime and Skype communication modes from Microsoft, KIK facilitates the image-text interaction with its live video calls.

Profile integration:

Entering the minor features of KIK, it includes the assignment of user name, profile and, of course, the possibility of customizing them according to the data of each user.

Although the application does not show too strict regarding the parameters to add username and photos, the recommendations of the web encourage people to configure genuine profiles, without usurping identity or including false data about themselves.

Chat window:

Like all applications of its kind, KIK lists conversations in order of arrival or importance. To access them, the user has only to press the contact and start a chat.

Also, the application allows people to change colors of chat bubbles according to the person they speak. In this way, which contacts are more important than others are identified -although the influx of conversation also determines the latter.

Group and promoted chats:

By gathering several contacts from your list, a person can create a group of friends in which to share text or multimedia messages, links, contacts or location. This tool is similar to the one handled by other instant messaging platforms.

On the other hand, when the search icon is pressed, people can access the promoted chats that normally correspond to groups with common interests. In this mode of conversation, members are anonymous and can request to be included.

After acceptance, a notification will give notice that you are already authorized to talk and discern about those topics that are passionate.

This feature, although beneficial on the one hand, is a topic of discussion in cybersecurity forums, especially if we take into account that the majority of KIK users are young and vulnerable to web scams.

Although these aspects must be treated between parents and children, the application does not leave their users totally vulnerable, since in the configuration they can block and prevent the entry of messages from unknown senders.

KIK for Windows 7/8/10

In its version for computers, KIK stands out for the downloads of Windows users. This increases the rate of people who use the application and, of course, extends the ages of the audience.

Kik For Windows 7,8,10

Each one of the particularities of KIK for PC is enclosed in the characteristics already developed. However, this version includes others that improve the service and make it a more respectable communication network in the eyes of its users. Get Kik For Windows 7, 8, 10 straight into your computer.

Just as there are hundreds of applications available for Apple and Android, KIK provides equal services to Windows users, who can download this app from their computers and mobile versions 7-8 and 10.


With supervision and regulation, anonymity is one of the most useful characteristics of KIK. From the practical point of view, this application is associated with others that are engaged in pairing -like Tinder, for example-

The truth is that anonymous accounts, although risky if used for malicious purposes, are a real advantage to protect data that simply do not want to provide. Taking this into account, KIK consumers insist on not distorting the essence of the application by pointing to this characteristic as something negative.

Being fair with the application, it is valid to say that on Facebook and even WhatsApp occasionally anonymity is present. Maybe not in the extremes that KIK uses, but neither to the point of being harmful to a person who uses this messaging service with responsibility and restraint.

Concerned parents, in that sense, must resort to a legendary technique as archaic as the technology itself: monitor what their children do on the computer.


Given the controversy posed by the security of KIK, it is enough to refer to the premise that all applications – for mobile phones and computers – can be insecure if used indiscriminately.

Either way, this application has been claimed in its computer version reinforcing some aspects of security. For example, the reception of messages, views of the profile picture and other topics, although minor, makes the difference.

Multiplatform application:

When talking about the general characteristics of KIK, it is necessary to mention the advantages of what it means, for computer versions, that this application is cross-platform.

Naturally, and in accordance with all the assumptions of the users, this means that the messages are sent from one device to another with full compatibility.

In other words, it means that if a person issues a KIK message for Android, people who use the computer network will receive it with the same instantaneity and meaning. As with most current instant messaging applications.

This may be obvious to some, but since in its multiplatform KIK also works for iPhone and iPad, it is known that some applications are no longer compatible when they become part of Apple’s catalog. An example? FaceTime


Another of the qualities that KIK maintains for computers is the possibility of blocking unwanted contacts and restricting the flow of messages coming from anonymous groups or communities.

In this way, people are free to decide who they are talking to, at what time and under what conditions.

Video recording:

The multimedia is the present and, surely, also the future. Therefore, since its launch to date, KIK has worked hard to allow as many gallery files as possible. In the beginning, the text was complemented with images and, later, videos.

Currently, in its PC version, KIK supports the recording of live videos that can be sent with the same speed as mobile phones. The sharpness and resolution of the audio and image will depend, as always, on the quality of the camera and microphone.

This, of course, is compensated by the extension of the videos that, unlike other platforms, extend the seconds or minutes that the user decides.

KIK for MAC, iPhone, iPad

The Kik For Mac, iPhone version for Apple computers can be downloaded through the App Store, free and in a short time. It is compatible with all other devices in which this application is installed and, with the exception of audio, it supports the rest of the functions catalog.

KIK for Android 2020

The world’s largest operating system views this application as a tool with an integrated browser that extends communication possibilities to incredible limits. To download it, the device must belong to Android versions 2.2.

KIK for Laptop

From HP to Macbook, KIK for laptop includes the same features as its mobile versions. It is enough to download it from its original suppliers or to adhere to adjacent distributors, such as Softonic, for example. There are also Kik For Windows Phone and you can use the latest version for it.

KIK for Blackberry

Originally, this application was destined to the most popular phone company for the date -2010-, represented by Blackberry. Although the sales of this cell phone fell drastically with the arrival of Android, there is still a significant number of people who can turn to the stores of this OS and access to KIK. You can use this version, Kik for Blackberry Z10, classic, q10, 8520 and others too.

KIK For Desktop

Hulks or desktop computers also have a KIK version. This almost completely resembles that available for laptops and therefore occupies the same amount of storage space.

Kik for facebook – Kik Online Chat

Currently, there is no version configured for Facebook. In fact, you can consider this application as a rival to the company’s most famous instant messaging: Messenger.

Although the easiest way to access this communication tool is through its applications, KIK allows logging through the web using tools like Manymo – an Android emulator -, Bluestack – an application simulator- and, finally, using Genymotion.

Google Chrome Extension for KIK

By just logging into the computer, several of the features of this application is activated. The system of sending and receiving messages, however, continues as an exclusive for mobile devices and applications of MAC and Windows computers.

How to download and install KIK for PC

Fortunately, using this application on Windows computers is very simple. The installation does not exceed a few steps and is optimized immediately to use it.

Currently, there are two ways to install KIK on computers. The first method is by means of Bluestack. However, there is another alternative for users to download KIK without Bluestack. Of the two will be discussed below.

How to Download And Install KIK for Windows desktop computers in 7,8 and 10

For Microsoft customers, this instant messaging tool is characterized by the privacy it is able to provide. Since communication programs are so popular today, one of the features that are most valued during the installation process is that KIK remains free.

In many installation forums, this application is rated as “great” and compatible. It also highlights innovation and exceptional use.

With regard to KIK for PC, it is available for MAC and Windows providing privacy, profile integration, live messages, multimedia elements, chat list, live writing, message notifications, multimedia and, of course, group conversations.

For the free download KIK 2020 on computers, the first step is to install an Android system emulator. There are several on the Internet that works with enough potential. However, the favorite of the users is Bluestack.

Once the emulator download is complete, users must configure their Google account. To do so, they must use a GMAIL account that allows them to access the PlayStore.

When the user is in the Google store, they must type in the KIK Messenger search bar and start executing it. Finally, click on “Install” and wait for the computer to complete its work.

To start chatting, the person can set up a new account or use an already created one. In any of the cases, the registry includes the use of electronic mail, a password of 8 or more characters and the application of search filters -for example, interest groups, newsletters, among others-.

Frequent questions:

When it comes to cross-platform applications, KIK Messenger is one of the best rated, but they also have the disadvantage of collecting the same errors from their mobile versions. In any case, these are some of the doubts that the servers receive with greater assiduity.

What to do if KIK Login failed?

Sometimes, the comments of KIK Messenger are related to a complaint about the inability to access their accounts from the computer. This problem is common, but it can be solved quite simply.

The first thing is to eliminate the application and re-execute it, trying as much as possible to update the Captcha in the process. Another way is, of course, checking the Internet connection.

One reason why KIK will deny installation on computers is if the operating system is not compatible with the application. To do this, just keep in mind that the PC must be Windows 7 -in any of its modes-, 8 or 10. It is important to clarify that all the updates onwards are also compatible with this messaging service.

If the problem is linked with functions of the application -problems to send and receive photos-, the repair system includes the same steps mentioned. Install the app again.

Can you go to KIK on the computer?

Directly, it will be impossible to install this application in the confines of a computer, be it Windows or MAC. The only way to access is under the download of an emulator. So, as mentioned before, although there are several on the list, the best one is still Bluestack.

Can you download KIK on your PC?

Of course. With an Android simulator, it is possible to download and run this messaging service with all its functions included. The only thing that should be taken into account, in that sense, is the version of operating systems and stable connectivity to the web.

Note: to send and receive messages through KIK Messenger, you will need an Internet connection, whether wired or wireless. As far as its services are concerned, this application shares several features with Skype, from Microsoft.

How to open KIK on my computer?

With a username and password, people can access a previously registered account, or access a new one. Recently, the application included access to the application through the telephone number.

This alternative is not lost in the computer version. In fact, many users agree that it is the best way to retrieve contact lists and link new ones from the calendar.

How can I use KIK on my computer without Bluestack?

The first thing that should be made clear is that there is no way to directly install KIK on a computer, be it laptop or desktop. As for non-Bluestack downloads, the most feasible recommendation is downloading other emulators from the web.

Manymo and Genymotion are equally reliable with Bluestack. However, for this and other applications, most netizens will urge you to use Bluestack. It is the least complicated, as well as free, light and free of viruses.

Can I enter KIK without the application?

No. The closest thing to log in outside the application will be from the computer. However, since the service will not work if there is no prior download, the refusal remains as undaunted as ever.

Still, many technology platforms recommend other instant messaging options that do not completely depend on an application. These are KakaoTalk, Viber, and Whatsapp – which can be enjoyed online.

Do you need a phone number for KIK?

No, it’s optional. To log in, the only mandatory requirement is the email and password assignment, as well as a username by which friends and acquaintances can identify each member.

However, using a telephone number can be done to facilitate connection with people who are really family. The same goes for bar codes.

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