Microsoft’s David Weston tweeted that admins may configure Windows Defender Application Control policies to limit which Nvidia drivers could be loaded. A robotic arm developed by researchers on the U.K.’s Imperial College London can move in all directions, guided by users wearing augmented reality goggles. The robot’s flexibility is enabled by layers of mylar sheets that slide over each other and lock into place. The system allows users carrying smart glasses and utilizing motion-tracking cameras to configure the robot by viewing templates and designs superimposed onto the real-world surroundings.

PARIS, Feb 19 — The two lifelong pals from Florida by no means sought the limelight, but then they built a multi-million-dollar empire selling digital artwork and folks needed… KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 22 ― Nintendo announced the launch of its official web site for Malaysia through Tech News its Southeast Asia Facebook page. When Steve Jobs led Apple, the company was …

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