Instant Shopper For Macos Intel X

New SEB for macOS setting “Enforce blocking screen sharing on Mac” (key screenSharingMacEnforceBlocked, default worth true/enabled), which overrides the original display screen sharing setting “Allow screen sharing” on Mac shoppers. This permits for instance SEB for Windows to be used in Windows distant classes , whereas nonetheless blocking VNC-based macOS screen sharing and distant management on Mac SEB shoppers. One of the many security measures is the enforced utilization of Safe Exam Browser. An exam setting may be configured with a quantity of Browser Exam Key keys. If this happens only along with your customized theme and not the usual Moodle theme, then your theme just isn’t applied correctly. In that case you need to fix the problem in your custom Moodle theme.

  • SEB also detects makes an attempt to change the consumer and shows a lock display screen afterwards which must be unlocked with the quit/restart password by exam
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