MilesWeb Review: Self-Managed Windows VPS Hosting for Resource Heavy Web Projects

A web owner’s life is full of ups and downs, a clichéd line I guess. But, sometimes these clichés are just irreplaceable as is in the case of every website owner, developer or designer. We all start our web project’s journey with shared hosting as the basic option, but as soon as we come across a traffic heavy website or websites, we notice that the performance of the website is hindered in one way or the other. Repeated crashing of the site or lag in loading of the website are just some of the issues which we start to frequently notice. In such instances, we do notice that we are in dire need of an upgrade, and we need to step up the website’s hosting platform from shared to something more flexible and robust but it has to fit our financial limits as well. All this finally leads us to opt for VPS hosting servers. It being more capable to handle a high volume of traffic with all its reliability, functionality and power, all of which are somewhat similar to dedicated servers but at an affordable price. Let us just try and understand in detail what exactly does VPS consists of and what is managed and self-managed Linux or windows VPS hosting before considering MilesWeb as a cheap VPS hosting provider.

A brief about VPS:

The Virtual Private Server or as being famously abbreviated as a VPS is a virtual server offering resources and features similar to that of a dedicated server. The fact is in VPS a single server is virtually segregated into a number of individual servers. These individual servers though have dedicated resources to utilize for proper scalability of the website whenever needed. It lets only your website use the specific virtual server and gives the freedom of using a specific operating system, bandwidth, CPU, RAM and dedicated storage. 

I hope this has helped you to understand the VPS servers holistically. Now let us take a jab at, and try to understand managed and self-managed VPS.

Managed VPS:

Managed VPS server is like having a third-party collaboration in which you need not worry about those specific services as they are taken care of by the third party. In web hosting terms, managed VPS is the hosting service where the regular requirements of a website like managing or maintaining your servers are being managed by the hosting provider. What it does is saves your time to manage it on your own. It is similar to the self-driven cars which are in trend these days. It allows the driver to just sit and relax once the destination and the routes are set. It just sets the person sitting on the driver’s seat free to relax and enjoy the journey. Similarly, in managed VPS hosting the provider manages all the backend operations along with the essential upgrades and updates of your website, and allows the web owner to focus only on the main business like the front end of the website. It is especially the best option for those who don’t have that much technical expertise to handle all this on time to time basis.

Self-managed VPS

Self-managed or cheap unmanaged VPS gives you full control of your servers and hence it is you, who have to handle the essential responsibilities such as regular maintenance and proper management of your servers, while your hosting provider takes care only of the ability and functioning of the physical servers. If you have the skill-set or a team of technical experts to manage server management essentials, and if you have a well-established and properly managed organization then self-managed VPS hosting is tailor made for you.

By now I guess you might have understood the basic differences between managed and self-managed VPS servers. After going through the whole write-up, if you have decided to go for self-managed VPS then just go through the profile of one of India’s most trusted and leading hosting providers, MilesWeb. Let us see what do they offer in self-managed VPS servers. But, before that just have a look into the company’s profile and presence.

MilesWeb as a host:

MilesWeb as stated earlier is a hosting provider based in India and is functional since 2012. Till date the company has handled 20000+ clients globally, and with the availability of data centers all across they have been lending one of the best hosting services across the length and the breadth of the globe. Their 24/7 customer support for the whole year is one of their USPs with all their customers more than happy and rather boasting about it.

MilesWeb’s self-managed VPS hosting plans:

VPS SM plans.PNG
VPS SM plans 1.PNG

With 6 plans to offer, what MilesWeb does is lets you choose the best one which suits the needs of your website.


Choice of operating System and control Panel :

MilesWeb offers a wide spectrum of OS with the best performance and the seal of reliability to carry. It is up to you to select the one that suits your need, along with the control panel to manage database, websites and emails. What you can do is just choose a proper combination of the control panel and the operating system and manage the website in the best possible way.

Self-managed VPS with class-leading scalability:

Any web owner, designer or developer hops on to VPS mostly because of its flexibility to upscale or downscale as and when needed. With MilesWeb, you get one of the best scalable self-managed VPS along with the needed power of a dedicated server.

Enterprise-grade hardware:

MilesWeb offers the latest enterprise-grade hardware to fine-tune the server’s performance. The SSD technology and the Intel Xeon processors with 12GB RAM offers the best performance for your website.

Just to sum it up

After going through the whole article, if you have made a confirmed decision of going on with a self-managed VPS hosting option for your website then my advice will be why not to consider a partner or a host who is one of the most trusted and offers the best service to assist you all along your journey with your website. With MilesWeb, you’ll have peace of mind as you’ll be able to rely on someone who is always there for your website whenever needed.

By Kronos